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Akins Knows

As the leading distributor and provider of fleet fuel, and oil & lubricants in South Georgia and North Florida, we work closely with several key industries.


We know your needs, whether you're in ag, aviation, automotive, or sawmills.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Ag Industry

At Akins Petroleum, our fuel, oil, and lubricant services for the ag industry ensure reliable machinery performance. From supplying quality fuels to offering specialized oils and lubricants, we optimize equipment efficiency, enhance longevity, and support sustainable agricultural practices.

Aircraft Maintenance

Aviation Industry

Providing high-quality specialized oils and precision lubricants, Akins' services ensure optimal engine performance, safety, and compliance with aviation standards. We carry AeroShell and Phillips X/C aviation lubricants.

Coach Fleet

Automotive Industry

Automotive fuel, oil, and lubricant services deliver essential products for optimal vehicle performance, especially for corporate and fleet vehicle services. From high-grade fuels to the latest API specified lubricants, Akins helps you enhance engine efficiency, reduce wear, and ensure smooth operations.

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At Akins, our fuel, oil, and lubricant services for sawmills provide tailored solutions to optimize machinery. Offering efficient fuels, specialized oils, and precise lubricants, these services enhance equipment performance, minimize downtime, and support sustainable wood processing operations.

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