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Budget Billing

An Easy Way to Manage Your Fuel Costs

We understand that everyone, including us, is trying to plan and adjust their budgets for the ever-increasing high cost of living. We know it can be difficult to budget for those higher seasonal fuel bills, and we want to help you with that. By enrolling in our Budget Billing plan, you will know exactly what your monthly fuel bill will be.


Why Should I Enroll in Budget Billing?

The weather has a big impact on the amount of fuel you use. We understand that it can be difficult to budget for the unknown, but enrolling in Budget Billing can make it easy and convenient to plan for your monthly fuel bill. With Budget Billing, you don’t have to worry about those peaks which can really hit your budget the hardest.

How Does Budget Billing Work?

Akins Petroleum will compute an estimated monthly payment based upon the customers average propane fuel usage and tank rental for one year. By spreading your energy costs evenly over a 12-month period, you know in advance how much your monthly payment will be. Payment will be due on the 15th of each month. Plan begins May 1st and ends on April 30th.

As long as the account remains in good standing, where no payments are missed and the customer allows Akins to fill the tank on a scheduled delivery, we will do our very best to ensure that you never run out of gas.


At the end of the budget plan year, the customer will be responsible for any balance owed on the account, which the monthly payments did not cover. If a credit remains, you will have the option of requesting a refund or using the credit balance to lower your payments for the upcoming year.

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