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South Georgia and North Florida's leader for Fleet Fuel, Oil and Lubricants

Serving South Georgia and North Florida

Fleet Fueling, Oil and Lubricants for Commercial Clients

Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

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Who We Are

Akins Petroleum Company is a leading supplier of fuels and lubricants in South Georgia and North Florida. With our experienced team, we are committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service.


Why Choose Akins Petroleum

Wide Range of Petroleum Products

At Akins Petroleum, we offer a variety of products to meet all your commercial and agricultural needs. From fleet fueling to oil to lubricants, we have you covered.

Customized Service

We understand that every customer has unique needs. That's why we offer customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Quality Products

We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

Experienced & Local

There's a reason we've been trusted for nearly 50 years by so many customers. We're here, close to you and we care. Let us help you.

Our Products

Customer Reviews

I am glad to write this letter of recommendation for Bill Bowles and Akins Petroleum. Our family started this business in 1957 in Camilla Georgia. The third generation of our family is now working alongside the second. We are a NAPA parts store. We stock a large inventory of NAPA products, but NAPA does not always have evert product we need for our market. Over the years we have certainly had many sales representatives call on us. I will say that Bill Bowles is one of the best. Bill listens and pays attention to our needs. He has learned our market. He always makes sure that we know when the route truck is coming to Camilla. There have been many times that we had a customer that needed a product we did not have in stock. Every time that has happened, Bill has personally delivered the products to us in his pickup truck so fast, we thought he was right down the street from our store. The quality of the products from Akins Petroleum are first class. The pricing is very competitive. The delivery staff is very professional and knowledgeable. We appreciate our relationship with Bill Bowles and Akins Petroleum Co.

Mike & Mark Briggs

Camilla Auto Parts

I am the purchasing director at a large sawmill. About 2 years ago we were having difficulties acquiring some of the fluids that are required to run our mill. I contacted Bill Bowles at Akins Petroleum. Bill responded quickly and even brought a factory manager with him to review the specs on the products we needed. The specs were an exact match. Bill and Akins began to supply our mill with these products and have been doing so ever since. Bill understands sawmills as he explained to me early on that he grew up in a sawmill family. To date we have had 2 unexpected fluid losses. Bill assembled his Akins team and was on the way with products in less than 30 minutes. That level of service is priceless in our business. I am glad to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Bill Bowles and Akins Petroleum Company.

Carlos Dixon

Sawmill customer

I am the parts department director at a large truck dealership in Albany Georgia. We sell and service new Kenworth and Mack trucks. I have known Bill Bowles for many years. Shortly after he went to work at Akins Petroleum, he called on me to ask if he could have an opportunity to earn our business. Bill understands the nature of our business. He constantly stops by and checks our oil and fluid levels. He never allows us to run out of anything. In addition, I call on Bill when I need other specialty items for our customers. He quickly responds every time. The level of service that Bill and Akins Petroleum provides us with is appreciated. I am proud to write this letter of recommendation.

Jason Lodge

Worldwide Equipment

I manage DJ’s II Oil Change in Albany, Georgia, which I have proudly done for the past 12 years. A short time after Bill Bowles went to work for Akins Petroleum, he called on me to ask for an opportunity to earn our business. We were doing business with another oil company, but something told me that I could trust Bill. So, I began to give him small orders. Since that day he has stopped in our business every week. He has learned our business needs. He pays attention and is always available on his phone. I have been proud to give Bill and Akins the opportunity to supply some of our bulk oil tanks as well as other packaged oil products and fluids that we use every day. Bill is someone I can trust and rely on to supply us with our oil and fluid needs. Akins Petroleum is a company that we enjoy doing business with. In addition, I am proud to call Bill Bowles my friend.

Dennis Barnes

DJ II Oil Change

I am very glad to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Bill Bowles and Akins Petroleum Co. I manage the mechanical vehicle repair division of Master Body Works in Leesburg Georgia. I have known Bill for many years. He quickly learned our business needs. He stops by almost every week and checks our inventory levels. If I am not available, he sends me a text with his suggestions for the items we need. He never allows us to run out of anything. The quality of the products and quick delivery from Akins Petroleum is second to none. Bill Bowles and Akins Petroleum are absolutely our first choice to supply us with our oils, lubricants, and other fluids that we use.

Buddy Harrelson

Master Body Works


Our team believes you deserve the best.

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